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PlayStation VR Torn Down by IFixit, Gets High Marks for Repairability

The market for consumer virtual reality is exploding right now, but it’s mostly been a battle between the Vive and the Rift at the high end. Now, a new competitor enters the market; […]

Enermax develops case fans that clean themselves

Case fans are good at keeping your computer running at optimal temperatures. They’re also good at sucking up dust and getting themselves nice and dirty. Dust build-up on blades can seriously mess with […]

MSI’s VR PC backpack looks like something Tony Stark would wear

Virtual reality gaming can be mind-blowingly cool, but you can look decidedly uncool while doing it. MSI wants to make sure it’s not your gear that makes you look dorky. Their new VR […]

Hands-on with Alienware’s new line of VR-ready laptops

Alienware’s always had a reputation for being somewhat… opulent. Its ostentatious machines demand a certain kind of attention and a price premium to match. Even so, over the past few years Alienware has […]

HacBook Elite is an unofficial Mac laptop for $329

Apple does not look kindly on any company attempting to copy their hardware, just look at how long Samsung has been in court facing off against Apple’s lawyers. But when a company decides […]

It’s Microsoft’s fault cheap Windows laptops don’t use better hardware

If you look at the low-end ($200-$300) Windows laptop market in 2016 you’ll notice that the hardware spec is mostly the same regardless of which brand name is on the casing. We get […]

Google’s Project Ara modular phone might be dead in the water

Have you been waiting patiently to upgrade your phone in the hopes that a Project Ara phone would pop up on Google Store? Yeah, about that… You might never see one. According to […]

Acer’s 21-inch curved screen 17.6lbs laptop is absolutely insane

On the same day that they revealed a 2.5-pound Ultrabook measuring just 0.39 inches thick, Acer also showed off another model that weighed 17.6 pounds and probably eats Ultrabooks to power itself. This […]

HP’s new laptop display is for the super paranoid and privacy conscious

Who remember privacy screen filters? It was in the late 90’s I believe they became all the rage. You’d see these plastic frames clipped on to the front of a display making it […]

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are falling victim to “touch disease”

Dropping your smartphone on a sidewalk is one way to kill its touchscreen. If you own an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, however, there’s a “disease” that could kill it. More and more […]